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Experimenting With Kissing Techniques

Experimenting with kissing tactics can make for the way to spice up the intimacy among you and your partner. A very good kiss is much more than just lips on lip area, though; additionally, it involves pressing other parts of your body and using the other senses. You may kiss your partner’s your forehead, cheek, and neck for that more personal feel. You may also kiss their particular ear or lobe, and in many cases nibble on their arm or hand.

While it may appear creepy or odd to kiss someone’s mind, this technique is definitely pretty intimate and can be a great way to receive closer. It could be also a good way to changeover from a peck at the lips to something even more intense, such as a French hug or possibly a butterfly hug.

You can use this technique simply by pressing the forehead against the partner’s head and gently kissing the forehead. This is certainly done with or perhaps without the tongue, depending on how you will and your spouse feel. You may also try pressing the back of your hand against their quarter for a smooth and tender hug, or even making use of your thumb and index ring finger to create an outline of the mouth. Gently stroking this with the tongue and alternating amongst the lips can be a lot of entertaining, but make sure you dial returning the pressure any time either of you begins getting slobbery, which is not always a very important thing.

Getting someone’s ear can really flip things up, and is as warm as kissing their guitar neck or shoulders. Try to be careful to not linger very long, as this can put a lot of strain over the delicate tissues within the ears, and isn’t for everyone. To start, lightly nibble or suck on your own partner’s earlobe to see how it feels for both of you.

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