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How to Turn a Spare Closet into a Multifunctional Space, According to Designers

This is the ideal option for those integrating a home office into a living room or communal space. Remember to leave many places to display treasured items to keep it visually pleasing and functional. For a clutter-free closet office, search for a seamless desk with drawers. Make use of the drawers for files and notepads, then create a feature of stationery storage with several gorgeous pen pots and magazine files. We have a lot of time for the modest pegboard; it looks cool, is very flexible, and could be cut to fit any space. The doorless design in this IG post features a wide desktop, as well as several drawers and cabinets, making it truly feel like a small office.

At the end of each work day, tidy and put everything back where it belongs. Your closet office needs the same attention as your cubicle. Your work can now be locked away – out of sight out of mind – so you can enjoy spending time with your family. If you’re going to be working in an office, you’ll want to make sure that your equipment and employees have adequate room. The same goes for clients, visitors, and guests–all of whom will need enough room in order to be comfortable.

MAWA European Space-Saving Hangers

However, we would like to remind you not to make the mistake of having only central lighting or only one kind of lighting. Drawers do not need to span the entire width of the desk. Simply measure out the area where you think the drawer will fit neatly.

  • It’s the perfect spot to arrange books, keeping them accessible yet off of your workspace.
  • Go for devices that have multiple functions and they don’t always necessarily have to be in your office space unless you have a need for them, which isn’t always every day.
  • Sometimes, the kids require an area to sit and focus on homework or do computer research.
  • After selecting your small workroom area, it is time to shift your thoughts toward your design.
  • We’re not showing how to wire your closet office here, but chances are you’ll want to add at least one electrical outlet and possibly cable, phone or network wiring.
  • Small walk-in closets work best when thoughtful designs are taken into account.

Another important consideration in a closet home office is its location. While your best closet choice in terms of size and space might be the one by the front door, all the traffic in and out of your house might be too distracting. Plants (artificial or real) can brighten up any closet-turned-home office, while trinkets and tabletop décor can add a custom feel to your desk or bookshelves. Nearly two years into the pandemic, it’s time to stop working at the kitchen table and start designing your dream office. If you’re anything like Katelyn Richardson or Kookie Jackson, all you need is an extra coat closet to make it a reality. “I would have to say that it’s much easier to do than it looks,” she says.


This design by Callahan Interiors features a closet that has been transformed into a sleek and modern workspace, with a built-in desk and shelving, as well as a bold graphic wall mural. In this design by U31 Inc., a closet is transformed into a stylish and functional workspace, complete with a built-in desk, open shelving, and plenty of natural light. The walk-in closet off the bathroom was the quiet space needed to convert into a modern study room. In this design by Mendelson Group, a closet is repurposed as a cozy and inviting workspace, with a colorful rug, comfortable seating, and plenty of natural light. The built-in desk area off the great room is a perfect place for keeping track of the family’s daily activities. If you’re wondering what a cloffice means for the rows of clothes you currently have hanging in your bedroom closet, don’t get too hung up on nixing your entire wardrobe.

converting closet to office

Leave considerable space over your desk area (so you don’t hit your head every time you stand up) and put up some floating shelves to show off your precious items. Expanding your cloffice storage with drawers is a relatively simple process that works for every space. Feel free to buy a desk with built-in drawers or make your own. Then get drawer slides and attach your DIY drawers to the desktop. Running shelves up the back of the closet is an easy and obvious solution. While you’re at it, though, consider adding a rail for hooks so you can hang pencil holders, pictures, or other items up and off your desk.

How to Turn a Closet Into an Office (a Cloffice!)

A few nails, paint, and a drill can convert unused square footage into your new favorite corner. A dedicated workspace can make you exponentially more productive. Taking care of your office space converting closet to office is taking care of yourself – and, you deserve it. If the closet is not a walk in, installing a custom hanging desk is likely your best choice – just have it cut to fit the size of your space.

This is lovely, with so much storage above and below the desk. You can leave the doors on if you want to be able to close it away. Or you can take them off the hinges completely if you want it to look more like an alcove. It’s got plenty of room for double monitors, and everything is covered in wood paneling. Now, let’s talk about those of you dealing with really small or weirdly-shaped spaces. If you’ve been looking at the above examples and thinking these people are lucky to have even a double wide closet to work with, this idea is for you.

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A mirror also reminds one of a window, which can make you feel better in a windowless office. Opt for potted plants that stay alive without natural lighting. For example, the ZZ plant, or zamioculcas zamiifolia, adapts to low light levels. Add some greenery to improve the aesthetic of your cloffice and boost up your mood.

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